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Yoga Cd

September 15th, 2010

yoga cd
Yoga and the Christian its not horrible?

so is yoga really all that bad? Its exercise right? Why is yoga labeled with the “New Age” with it being called bad? I have yoga exercise CD’s and its a great stretching/relaxing thing.

Mainly, because Yoga in the original form entailed imagination of objects of worship. The best example which raises a red flag with most Christians is the stretching position of the serpent where you assume the position and then you are to imagine yourself AS the serpent and allow the serpent’s power to “run” through you. Therefore, many Christians have worried this opened a door for demons.

However, remember we just celebrated Christmas which has roots in pagan Western religions and we embrace these cultures. We will celebrate Easter which also has pagan roots of fertility goddess worship.

So, personally, if you just exercise and stretch, I don’t think there is a major problem here. Remember, we live by Grace and Faith. So, if there is a problem and we are ignorant of it, God forgives our ignorance/

Yoga, Love & Compassion CD: Gayatri Mantra by MUSIC FOR DEEP MEDITATION

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